images-3Urban gardening has become a popular way for those in the city to retain access to delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruits throughout the year. Whether you are gardening indoors, or in your backyard, it is important to care for your plants as they are meant to be cared for. Instructions for most common varieties of edible plants are available online, with each having its own nuances. Nevertheless, whatever types of plants you are growing, most everyone agrees that organic supplements are best.

Every variety is different with unique preferences, so you need to do your research. Some like plant food, while others do not. Some respond well to lots of sunlight, while other prefer shade. For this reason, the first order of business when planting your urban garden is to assess what you are growing. For instance, if you know a certain variety of tomato requires a lot of space, and you only have a small porch, you may want to consider choosing differently.

Even if you live in the city, there are going to be pests. There is simply no avoiding them. The question is what to do about them. Most organic gardeners would like to shy away from traditional pesticides because they contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to ingest. That being said, there are natural alternatives that do repel pests, without the need for synthetic chemicals. Neem spray is one example. A naturally occurring, plant-based substance, pure neem extract  is great for repelling insects, without the potentially toxic effects of pesticides. Organibliss™ natural plant growth enhancer is the best source for pure neem extract.

Whether or not to use plant food is another question every urban gardener faces. While some varieties of plants do thrive when given plant food, it is not universally beneficial. Furthermore, as with pest repellents, many types of plant food contain chemicals which can be toxic to human beings and local species of animals and plants. Avoiding these chemical-based plant foods is a must for a truly organic garden. Thankfully, organic plant food, such as Organibasic™ – granular soil adjuvant are neem based and are readily available. In addition to its ability to repel harmful insects, organic plant foods containing neem  such as Organibasic™  can be an effective way to stimulate healthy growth and development of plants, and it is made from nothing but plants – no synthetic ingredients.

Though organic urban gardening requires some extra care and research, the results will speak for themselves. With your own organic garden, you will have access to all of your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs, without having to go to the store or farmer’s market. Plus, you will be able to be one-hundred percent certain that what you are eating is truly organic and naturally grown.