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  High Times - Strongest Strains 2015 - Organibliss Article - verticalOrganibliss Growers Win 4 Awards At High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Flint, Michigan

WINNER [JPEG] High Times Cannabis Cup - Flint - Organibliss - 2014

On July 26 and 27, 2014, Organibliss, LLC sponsored two licensed professional growers of medicinal cannabis to complete for the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, the world’s preeminent Cannabis festival. The event allows judges from around the world to sample and vote for their favorite marijuana varieties. The Flint event was devoted entirely to medical cannabis.

The grower known as “Leaf Doctor” won 3 awards including a 2nd Place award for Organibliss in the “Sativa” category. Rob Teitel, CEO of IRON Laboratories, the official testing laboratory of this competition said, “This particular entry tested at one of the highest THC levels we’ve ever seen.”

Leaf Doctor had already won 34 Caregiver Cups in local competitions. These were his first national awards. The
Grower known as “Doc Deadhead” won 2nd Place for best Hash. He previously won three local cups, but this is his first national award.  Organibliss sponsored two of his entries.

“We are very proud to have Organibliss sponsor these outstanding professional growers – the best in the state of Michigan,” said James Kostrava, CEO & Founder of Organibliss, LLC. “We know that the medicine they grow is free from harmful pests and diseases and free from synthetic pesticide residue since Organibliss is all natural, organic.  It is made from plants and nothing else,” he said.


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In September of 2013, James E. Kostrava, CEO & Founder of Organibliss, LLC won the “Best Shot Sales Pitch” competition at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Michigan.  Ten entreprenuers made “Shark Tank” style presentations to three judges followed by questions from each of them.  The competition was sponsored by the MidMichigan Innovation Center in Midland, MI.

PRESS RELEASE – WINNER – Saginaw Best Shot Competion   Click on “PRESS RELEASE” to open document.