Organibliss™ is a highly concentrated liquid made primarily from pure Neem extract that mixes with water to become a foliar spray. 

Organibliss™ technology is referred to as “bioadaptive supplementation” – transferring the healthful properties of robust African plants to our plants here.  It allows professional growers to achieve high productivity and plant health, while reducing their use of synthetic chemical nutrients and agricultural chemicals.

The Organibliss team is led by James E. Kostrava, CEO & Founder. Kostrava has more than 36 years of experience in communications, marketing, and public relations.  He gained valuable experience as Communications Leader for a biotechnology company in Michigan founded by dedicated research scientists that retired from a global chemical company.

Like the "Organigrow Network," everyone on the Organibliss team is passionate about "growing green" and helping people.

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